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"For Cosplayers, This is Your Dream Replica" - Jason Rappaport -

The True Master Sword - Skyward Sword Style Prop

Finally empowered by the three Sacred Flames with True Master Sword emerges.

You've journeyed far and wide to finally reach this point. Countless hours scouring the land for the powers to resurrect the True Master Sword to its full form so you can defeat evil incarnate, Demise.

After your journey is completed, you're supposed to lock away this sacred power in the pedestal. But... that's no fun is it? It's time to take this thing for a spin. See what she can do.

So you wander off to your local Convention to show it off. People think "man that Link costume looks great, where'd they get that Master Sword?" Little do they know you just descended out of digital reality into theirs just to show off how epic your blade is.

Safe for hanging on the wall (boring, albeit shiny) or venturing out to conventions to show it off our True Master Sword replica will fulfill your yearning desire to hold some epic gamedom in your hands (controllers aside).

Built with professional grade poly-urethane resin we hand-cast, sand and paint every single model that goes out. No two models are exactly alike and all have their own unique characteristics just like anything handmade. Blunt edges ensure that the weapons check officers at your favorite Convention will love your blade for its awesomness and non-lethal nature.

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Prop Specs

  • Handmade Entirely in U.S.A. by da Vinci's Room
  • 42 Inches (3.5 feet) from tip of the blade to end of the hilt
  • Weighs approximately 3.5 pounds
  • Cast from professional grade poly-urethane resin with a steel support rod in the center
  • Painted with model grade paints and clear coated to ensure long lasting colors
  • Made for collecting and costuming/cosplaying
  • Blunt edge design made to pass Weapons Check at most any Con (check your local Con guidelines)
  • NOT intended for LARP or simulated combat - if swinging it around please check your surroundings to keep you, your friends/family and the prop safe.
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