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All 12-hole Ocarina Orders will Receive a Free Ocarina Necklace

All New Model, Available Exclusively at da Vinci's Room

Our new model is just now available. We've worked on bringing you a superior sound quality and matching the in-game model's color according to your preferences. Check out the sound samples below to hear how improved your new Ocarina of Time is over the previous model.

Your life always seemed incomplete.

Then you found out the Ocarina of Time was real.

Suddenly Saria’s song bursts into your head as you imagine yourself running through Kokiri Forest. Yeah, you’re the master of the Lost Woods. You definitely don't need help from that annoying owl. Yes? No? Don't click too fast.

The air shifts around you, now you’re being called. Back through time, the Song of Time whips up into a melodic enchantment as irresistible as a Gold Skulltula hanging out in the open.

You find yourself a decade older. (I’m sorry if you’re not happy with it ladies, you can still tell people you’re younger, that’s just how the story goes). Now you find yourself sitting in an office. Skin lit by harsh incandescent bulbs. Typing up those new TPS reports. Lisa from accounting hasn't moved in weeks. You think she might be a re-dead, but nobody wants to go near enough to find out. What happened to those days long past of hunting down the Sage’s medallions to save Hyrule from another impending doom?

You’ve grown up. It was time for a change. But one thing remains. You can still live those moments of glory from your past. No Song of Time needed, although you can certainly play it with a real Ocarina of Time replica.

Sound Samples, New vs Old Model

Zelda's Lullaby

Old Generic Model

New Sky Blue Model

Gerudo Valley Theme

Old Generic Model

New Sky Blue Model

Start playing in minutes with exclusive video lessons.

  • Current Video Lessons Include:
    1. Zelda NES Title Theme
    2. Zelda's Lullaby (long and short versions)
    3. Epona's Song
    4. Song of Storms
    5. Saria's Song
    6. Song of Time
    7. Game of Thrones Title Theme
    8. Concerning Hobbits
    9. Gerudo Valley Theme
    10. Clock Town Theme - Majora's Mask
    11. Misty Mountain's Cold - The Hobbit

  • Learn new songs with new video releases
  • Be able to learn any tabbed song on the instrument with our easy to read handout
  • Become a musician for the rest of your life

Product Specs:

  • High Quality Hand-Crafted Ceramic Body
  • Sky Blue Glaze
  • Silver/Gold Colored Band and Triforce Overlay
  • Comes with illustrated hand-out showing you how to hold your instrument and read "tabs"
  • Alto Range is from A4-F6
  • Approximately 6 inches long
  • Since these Ocarinas are made by hand there can be small variations as is natural with anything made by hand and not machine.

    As Seen On


    *Sound samples recorded on the Yeti by Blue microphone.

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