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Created: 11/05/2015Comments: 0
If we're honest you and I both know that most people really aren't great at small talk. So how the heck do you get guests talking when you're having a party with people who don't know each other? Ice breaker games of course.  ..
Created: 10/05/2015Comments: 0
You've read the books (or should cause they're awesome), you watch the show, you're pretty much obsessed with the land of Fire and Ice. Season premier parties, book launch parties (well... if we can get Martin moving), season finale parties, parties to watch entire seasons just because you can. Yeah, I know you're all about Game of Thrones. So in the spirit of GoT it's time to play a little ice br..
Created: 06/05/2015Comments: 0
    In the second installment of our Who am I? party game series today I want to bring you characters from another one of the most popular sci-fi series of all time, Doctor Who. You may be getting together for another Who series premiere party, heading to a local Con or just getting together for someone's birthday. In any case, breaking the ice with a little Whovian challenge never hur..
Created: 05/05/2015Comments: 0
Sometimes the hardest part about getting a group together that doesn't see each other all the time is getting everyone talking. That's where icebreaker games come into play. A favorite and easy one for me is the Who am I? game.  ..