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Created: 18/05/2015Comments: 0
All the local conventions are over for the season. Halloween gives you another opportunity, but does it really showcase what you want? What the heck am I talking about? Dressing up in your custom made Star Wars costume of course. You spent time on it and you need another reason to pull it out and show it off. Well if you're going to play a character you might as well play a game while you do it. S..
Created: 12/05/2015Comments: 0
You've planned the meal. The main course is simmering away, the nice china is out, you've even managed to put a tablecloth down before setting the table. You're feeling like you're on fire for this dinner party, killing it already before anyone arrives. Then you remember, "Crap I don't have any games to play and Tony is notoriously hard pressed to talk about anything." No worries, I've got you cov..
Created: 07/05/2015Comments: 0
You're getting a group of friends together, there's always the eternal question: now what do we do? Party game ideas for adults can be hard to come by, but here's my thoughts on 5 games that will engage your friends and make them want to come back for more. ..