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A Game for Kids and Adults to Play

Squirrel Smackdown is an easy card game to pick up and play with kids and offers enough variety to keep adult entertained. No more trying to figure out just the right difficulty level for everyone to play - we did it for you with Squirrels! The goal: collect 5 nut cards of the same color. However, to reach your goal you will have to combat other players stealing your cards and placing other road blocks in your way.

Attack Cards and Wild Cards Keep Things Interesting

While you try to collect your nut cards, your friends will play attack cards to steal and discard your cards. Wild cards in the deck make things even a bit more weird as you may end up trading hands with another player or if you're lucky you can end up with a card that counts as any color nut of your choice... This keeps the game fast paced meaning the game is not over until its over - a trump card could upset the apple cart if played right.

Our 200% Guarantee You'll Love Squirrel Smackdown

It's tough out there trying to figure out new games to play with the risk that you may not like them. So we're willing to stand behind our games unlike most game manufacturers. If you don't enjoy playing Squirrels! for any reason, get in touch with us and we'll send you a 100% money back refund + you can keep the game as a way to say thanks for trying it out.

Here's What Our Initial Customers Have Had to Say

  • "I play a lot of table top games and this game is fun. Its quick to play and very easy to learn. My son is 5 and loves playing this ( I know the age is recommended higher but having a younger kid who can read we figured why not) . There is a card in the deck that allows you to make up your own house rule which I thought was a good idea..." - Chris F.
  • "We took part in the beta testing for this game. It's so much fun! You can pay careful attention to try and figure out what your opponents have and steal their entire hand at the right moment. It's offers a great casual experience or diabolical sabotage if you want to take down an opponent. We had games last anywhere from a minute (first hand was dealt enough matching nut cards) to around 20 minutes for 4 players...This is a must have card game!" - Eric T.
  • "The creators of this game took their time and developed a wide range of action, defense, and attack cards. " - Patrick F.
  • "Love love love this game. These cards will take your squirrel game to the next level. Hoard your nuts because your opponents are going to do everything in their power to steal them and claim victory! Great game " - Ed

  • da Vinci's Room Original Product
  • 2-4 Players
  • Ages 8+
  • Playtime of about 15 minutes
  • Easy enough to learn, complex enough to keep a variety of ages entertained.

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