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Join over 100,000 People Who've Played Awkward Turtle

Launched in January 2015, Awkward Turtle has already grown a small following. See what some of our customers from around the web had to say.

  • This game is a HIT! … The only suggestion would be MORE! More cards, more words, more fun, please! - sunnysongbird
  • It's the adult version of Taboo! Hilarious! - Kristina N.
  • Love this game, I was eerily good at it.... - Jennifer M.
  • The game was a total hit! Definitely not for the easily offended! - Amanda E.
  • This is a great twist on a familiar game. It gets tons of laughs but its slightly more difficult than it looks. My friends and I all love it! - Heather
  • Excellent game! I am relatively new to the crude humor card game world, so I was excited to find a new game to try. Awkward Turtle did not disappoint! - Avid Reader 16
  • Fun game-its like Taboo in a R rated version - “Laughalot TJL”
  • This game can potentially be hilarious depending on who you play it with, there are some really funny words, and some that are unspeakably difficult depending on the crowd you play it with, it's also very simple….Some of the words are rather adult oriented, so this may not be the best game for kids, however its a great little party game for the price and for people who love games like Cards Against Humanity or Never Have I Ever..., a must for camping trips and small vacation excursions. - Corey N
  • Me and my friends love this game! It's a bit tricky at first to come up with the right clues to give, but after that, it's all fun and hilarious! My friend wants a deck so bad! - Lexi

The Adult Party Game Your Friends Will Thank You for Bringing

Do you find yourself with the same dreaded conversation when your friends get together? “What do you want to do? I don’t know what do you want to do?”

Ugh. Not again.

On and on it goes before you finally decide to stream a movie, again. Then the conversation starts all over again *facepalm*.

Now you can cut the conversation off before it begins and have a great time too. Awkward Turtle is the easy-to-play word guessing game built for a group of adults.

The Adult Party Card Game That’s More Fun in Mixed Company

“Dripping… it’s like when there’s dew on the grass…”

It’s Frank’s turn and he’s trying his best to get you to guess this word. His teammate and girlfriend chimes in “Water? Liquid? Rain?” Frank just shakes his head no and says sarcastically “No, it’s what happens to you when I come home.” Your buddy Brad jumps in “Moist!” Frank’s girlfriend turns beat red and everyone roars with laughter, including Frank and his girlfriend. One point to Frank’s team.

Awkward Turtle features some words that are mild, like “moist”. Others can be on the nose embarrassing like “penis.” The pace of the game and how raunchy it gets depends partially on your group. But don’t take my word for it, see what our customers are saying.

Get It Directly From Us for Our 200% Guarantee That You’ll Love Awkward Turtle

I know, picking up a new game can be tricky since you just don’t know if it’s going to be fun. So I want to take the risk out of it for you. If Awkward Turtle can’t make you and your friends laugh or you’re unhappy for any reason contact us and we’ll send you a 100% money back refund + you get to keep the game as a way for us to say thank you for trying it out.

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  • Features 352 of the most awkward looking, sounding, and feeling words English has to offer
  • 4+ Players (6+ recommended)
  • Playtime of 15-30 minutes
  • Ages 17 and up
  • a da Vinci's Room Original
  • Printed on poker deck quality cardstock to ensure a long game lifetime.
  • All Copies from 2018 on MADE IN USA
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