Brand: da Vinci's Room
Product Code: MDC-BG
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  • PRACTICE MENTAL MATH - Kids use multiplication from 1-10 or simple division of numbers of 1-100 as they move across the board and take on the game’s challenges.
  • BUILD SOCIAL SKILLS - Cooperative rules mean kids, families and teachers work together towards a common goal so everyone wins together. Fostering communication and cooperation as you learn from each other and strategize to win the game.
  • ENHANCE PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS - Not just a game of memorizing math facts, this game helps your child learn to strategize and think logically about the best way to take on challenges.
  • FOR AGES 8+ AND 1-4 PLAYERS - Designed to be played solo or as a group - this game can be perfect for self study, homeschooling, or family game nights.
  • THE PERFECT STEM TOY - A fully developed game concept that incorporates learning so that you have fun while practicing math makes this game the perfect STEM game for any kid or family looking to actually enjoy math practice.
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