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A Math Board Game Adventure for Kids

Our Most Loved Game for 2016

On a deep space mission, your crew is stranded on a planet that's headed towards a black hole. Your only hope of escape is to race back to your rocket ship to escape in time.

  • Kids Practice Early Math Skills - Moving Across the Board Adding and Subtracting 0-9, comparing numbers (greater than, less than, equal to) and practicing odds and evens.
  • You Decide: Co-operative or Competitive Rules Lets Your Kids Work Together Towards a Common Goal or Race to the Finish.
  • Co-operative game rules feature 3 difficulty levels to keep children interested over time.
  • Ages: 5+, 2-4 Players

  • Box Contents
  • 12x18 inch Full Color Print Game Board
  • 4 Color Pawns
  • 2 10 sided Dice
  • 1 Addition and Subtraction Die
  • 1 Rocket Ship Token
  • Game Rule Sheet

All printed materials made in U.S.A., assembled in U.S.A., game pieces mixed U.S.A and Imported origins.

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