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The Master Sword, Now in a Carry On Size

You're surrounded by foes. Fire keese aiming for your head threating to light your perfect hair on fire. Skulltulas dropping from the ceiling adding mayhem to the mixture. There's even a Like Like squirming its large oozing intestinal body towards you, threatening to steal all of your rupees and your shield.

Fortunately, you've got the Master Sword, in a convenient to carry pendant size. Who knows what Link was thinking carrying around that full sized monstrosity. He should have had one of these puppies strapped around his neck and he probably could have carried more items, or at least more bombs. (You know you always need more bombs, don't look at me like that).

If all else fails, you can use this to cut the grass when the lawn mower craps out. Yeah, you might have to do it one blade at a time, but how else are you supposed to find fairies and rupees hidden in the lawn?

  • Measuring approximately 2.2 inches long
  • Master Sword is Removable from the Sheath
  • Blue Enamel inlay sets off the right tone for the Master Sword
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